"Inspired by nature. Created with love" 

"Honua" means "Earth"

Honua brand was developed from the idea of sustainable living in harmony with nature. We draw our Inspiration from all around us. From the energy of the ocean, the wild jungle spirit, the nourishing sun and the majestic colours of Bali. We hope you are inspired by nature using our products as much as we are creating them. 

The idea was born at a beach on the island of Bali. While looking at a peaceful Buddha statute in perfect nirvana with the ocean, the idea presented itself.

At Honua yoga we are on a journey to learn, to create global connection and awareness, and explore how we can care for our oceans and our Mother Earth. We love simple sustainable living, and bringing a conscious awareness to the daily practices of yoga and surf is at the core of our ideals. A perfect day for us it to be surrounded by beautiful nature, in perfect unity with healthy practices.  We aim to bring this mentality through in the designs of all our products.

Honua is passionate about sustainability and our mission is to create products, which are designed mindfully not to harm our Earth. For us, it’s all about spreading the message of healthy sustainable living to all the beautiful humans on this precious Earth.

Our unique yoga mats are biodegradable and have been especially designed to bring a piece of paradise to you, and to your practice – wherever you may be rolling out your mat!

Alongside our yoga mats we are excited and proud to be introducing the healthiest fabric on Earth with our limited edition yoga wear collection. Supporting local and independent companies is integral to our beliefs and our organic bamboo range is beautifully made and coloured with natural plant dyes in Bali.  This is an old native Indonesian method that has existed for many years.

It is an absolute blessing to bring this range to you, may the heart and soul we have put in to creating these products for you shine though.



Founder: Nature

I am alive. Protect and conserve my natural beauty and I will nourish and support you. 


Co Founder & Designer: Kristina Vl

Living between London and Bali, Kristina loves making healthy Pitaya bowls for her family, maintaining a daily mindfulness and yoga practice, catching waves, exploring jungles and chasing breath-taking sunsets. 

Graphic Design: Adrian Barnes 

Adrian loves photography, yoga, and extreme biking. His designs reflect the beauty of the world as seen through his eyes.