Reed Diffuser 60 ml by BYMNĒ

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    Reed diffuser is the most efficient method for coloring your home with a variety of luxurious and soothing scents. There are various positive effects that you can get through the application of a reed diffuser. A captivating scent can breathe new life into your home in minutes, and all you need is a reed diffuser. Apart from lasting longer than aromatherapy candles or incense, you don't need to use electricity to use a reed diffuser.
    Reed diffuser can also help you who have difficulty sleeping. By dripping essential oils as needed to the diffuser, it can help you in many ways, including fighting against difficulty sleeping. By using essential oils such as lavender or cedarwood, the aroma that will be spread by using a diffuser will create a relaxed atmosphere.
    Reed diffuser you can use to prevent disease. By mixing appropriate essential oils such as tea tree, clary sage, rosemary, grapefruit, lemon, and thyme, the ingredients can increase the immune system.
    With the proper application of aromatherapy oils, reed diffuser can also be used to repel insects. Some essential oils that can be put into the diffuser when you want to repel insects are clove, lemongrass, rosemary, or cedar-wood.

    For those of you who are new to reed diffuser, here are tips and tricks for using reed diffuser:
    1. Place your stick (reed) into a bottle to absorb oil,
    2. Leave it for 6-12 hours then turn the stick so the "dry" side of the stick is closest to the bottle and the wet end of the stick faces the air,
    3. Reed can be flipped back every time you feel the aroma fade,
    4. Place the reed diffuser in areas that have good air circulation, such as in the hallway, front door / entrance area, area near the door, work table, bedside table, or near the window / ventilation (but need to be careful, because of the scent just follow the flow of air out of the room). So it should be noted that the space air flow will always change depending on the weather and season, it is necessary to export the space to determine the placement of the reed diffuser so that the aroma is spread more optimally.

    JOUR DE CONGÉ - The Smell of the Day Off [BERGAMOT]
    Jour De Congé will help you relieve stress just as it does on vacation. The aroma of bergamot helps restore optimism, motivation and hope. You can channel your negative emotions into energy to grow.

    BONNE MÉMOIRE - The Smell of the Old Days [WHITE MUSK]
    With the scent of white musk, the scent of love, Bonne Mémoire will restore your sweetest memories. Love is a struggle, love is when you conquer your fears and turn them into strengths, love is a lifelong learning process that will never stop. This scent can make you channel your past memories for reflection.

    Jasmine is associated with eternal love, purity, and luck. This scent has been widely used in Indonesian ceremonies as a symbol of gratitude. In addition, the following benefits you will get from the scent of jasmine: natural remedies for stress, anxiety, depression, and fatigue.

    INTUIRE - Perceive by Intuition [LAVENDER]
    Lavender also symbolizes silence. Lavender is used during meditation when people are alone with their minds before making big decisions in life. This can sharpen intuition, calm the mind, and help us to get closer to our mastery.

    AMMALIARE - Enchanting Classic Scent [SANDALWOOD]
    Sandalwood can clear the mind and is often used as a spiritual symbol in many countries. Sandalwood cleans negativity, deepening your state of relaxation, especially your spiritual soul.

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