200 Hours ONLINE Mindful Movement Yoga Teacher Training

With all this extra time on your hands you might be using it to focus on your self and self practice. As we turn inwards and evaluate what is important, there might be some radical shifts in your life when you align with your true self and what lights you up. If you have experienced what yoga has done for your mind and body, maybe it’s the time to learn more and deepen that knowledge in order to share. You might have even asked yourself the question: How could I become a yoga instructor? Could I do my yoga certification online with an Online Yoga Teacher Training.

Well if you have started to ask any of these questions, we got together with Zazyoga who recently launched an Online Yoga Teacher Training and created a list of 10 things to consider when choosing your Online Yoga Teacher Training!


What style of yoga is taught:

- Modern yoga has taken many different forms. Each style of yoga has some particularities and requires dedicated training before it can be taught. Make sure to pick a training that teaches a style that resonates with you and with your yoga career aspirations.

What is the delivery format:

- While you may think that livestream sessions will give you an experience close to the “real-deal”, the reality of live group classes is that teachers don’t have an adequate way to watch their students and teach at the same time. As for live lectures, the imperfections of technology can lead to poor sound quality, delays, and difficult group interactions. Pre-recorded classes tend to be of much better quality and allow you to pause, replay, and take the time you need to integrate. However, Learning to become a yoga instructor requires extensive feedback and guidance, so make sure that your training has a feedback mechanism where your teachers can correct and guide you.

Who are the teachers:

- Your teachers will be your guides in this immersive journey. Make sure that you resonate with their vibes and their experience! Reach out and talk to them, see if you connect and if you feel safe and confident under their guidance.

Is the team responsive:

- How the team responds to your questions and inquiries is a good sign of how much they care about their clients. Since you will give them a few weeks of your life, you rather ensure that they care about you! Never feel shy to ask all the questions you want, and see how and what they reply. After all, it is your journey and you deserve to know all about it!

Do you get a yoga community:

- Learning online can be lonely, and the support of your teachers and peers will play a role in your motivation. Make sure that your training offers ways to be connected to your yoga tribe and share your experience with your peers.

What are the credentials:

- Verify the claims of the school. Yoga Alliance, an international yoga registry recognized globally, has approved the delivery of online learning for certain school until September 30th only.

What is included in the price:

- Cheaper doesn’t mean better! Carefully check what is included in your package to avoid having to spend more than you expected! Will you have to pay for additional books and material? Are the the final exams and certification charge at extra cost? Do you have to pay for one-on-one sessions with the teachers? All these add up, so make sure to include them when you compare prices.

How does the daily schedule look:

- Is there a variety of physical versus theory classes? Do you get the flexibility to adapt the schedule to your needs? An intensive training will challenge your physical and mental limits, so make sure that the schedule is well balanced to maximize your learning.

What do the past students say:

- Check testimonials and reach out to past students to find out first-hand what to expect from your training – they are the best source of information and can even give you tips to better prepare for this adventure!

Most importantly, listen to your intuition:

It knows if something feels right or not! A Yoga Teacher Training is an incredible and transformational experience so take

If you are interested to learn more about how you can become a yoga instructor with Zazyoga, check out there online yoga teacher Training here , and in 30 days you could have your yoga certification online and be teaching all around the world!